it’s like a sacred hall, blue lines on the foor
I’m red & shy - not what I had in mind
it cast a curse on us
we gotta go, we must
willing as much as scared
glowing, my skin will tear
I couldn’t guess why, too unprepared
but now I see you (in there)
softly I understand
what would I do without -
who will repair your silhouette?
bruised, your body ’s marked
I don’t recognise him
lost in our new house, I just wanna play
hold you ‘till galaxies collide
whatever you are right now
for the umpteenth time
quiet sweet avalanche
drowse ‘till you get back
know we’ll fght...
let out your inner child

we kept it all to ourselves until now;
a ladder into a maze
saving any word of you in rewind
as you’re fying through a space
is it cold there?
you’re feeling warm, kid
I’m asking myself - is it small in there?
will they take good care of men who need help?
you are traveling through space
holding hands ‘till the clock says goodnight
we don’t want you to foat around
is it cold in there - is it too small, kid?
brother, don’t fall ‘cause we’re holding on:
we’re travellers

I know you can turn the tide
an even space between sides
I’ve been here asking advice
at night, my candle shone bright
running through all your portrayals
entreat the prayer of saints
they say we’re blessed, we are free
oh lord, all I need is your time
do you observe how we’re bleeding
going strong, believing
even though you never talk back
God, I hope this white devotion reaches you
like a loyal doll, I’m trusting on your wrinkled smile
where were you at that moment when he crossed your foor
still, I sing for you - two hands laced frmly together
I throw my hands up to the sky
I drink for you the bloody wine

the horde
dear you, fll up this room’s gap
we’re here - crisscross to be loved
feel good ‘bout it tomorrow
big eyes aim for our troop as well as you
while we translate for your friends
you seem to bloom
it’s what you want
it’s what we want
crisscross to be loved; a cut counterpart
hefty shouts now ring for years
three cups are trying
twirling round & round, dizzy
a silent drama
I head frst in fames - crisscross to be loved
turning ‘round, my wrist twists
look back, they all drown
feed us wildfre
read his letters
wind up myself
look out, your feet burn
the horde disassembles
feel good ‘bout it tomorrow: an irony of our own
our cards are yours, that’s how we’ll beat it
a new age has come
we’ll continue this
new dawn ahead of sorrow

not god
you’re not God, you’re not the queen
we won’t let you sneak in
let’s go back to the beginning
acting like we never met
instead of rage we must control
you’re not to claim my feet no more
like a lizard, tailing our fow
out of sight - let us go
love you, love you, love you...
we pull back
again you force me - a change of heart
while I’m just trying to play my part
I hope one day, we’ll see eye to eye
shape up, ship out, another quick goodbye
we’ll always remember the days spent together
no monsters, no secrets, just comfort there
our love still outrageous
and someday we’re framing this picture we have in our mind

disturbed our love, our house
cycling sounds
no one knew what went on
clinging to the sound of his heart
going back to where it started
to the other side
the fnite way
do you want to go back to the craze?
I’ll show you everything frame by frame
where it turned into black mould
‘cause that is what you did
did you realise we were shouting our lungs out?
seeing you staring, nodding
your silence kills the air
there is nothing more to say

fshing spot
back to 25 degrees
as your noise ripped my ear
you pull me out of a bitter tide
I was swung in too deep, soaring anew
silence ferce as you are fair
I’m a secret
crawling after a fock of birds;
try to hear if you are near
I’d die to communicate
you’re a golden star - energised by our bond
the two of us drifting on a river
upstream to the clouds
I know what you would say: “this is just perfect”
and then there, the wind blows
wish we could throw one more line
strapped at our fshing spot
I want to get back to you

your bits have grown so weird
their jerky hands‘ve reached me
massive elastic feet
you got them all, we see it
a new place of giants - a few left behind
this is priority
drop the fright inside of me
who will stand tall when the curtain falls?

nothing human
is there a gate to vacancy?
where no one is there to ask about him

nothing human
this fve angled love’s so hard to talk about
how did we work out?
to clarify this muddled passage in life;
you are counting on our story
just to inspect the girls in front of you
how will we sing ‘bout us?
explain our sorrow
we made a strange chant with some raw clues
harmonising with a stranger
we’ll raise a monument above
we swore to seek for each of us
a profound and strong vivacity
our beautiful vicinity
we’ll build a continental love
with melodies worth speaking of
so we’ll remember every time
the carefree souvenirs inside
we’ll write a testament of fre
our potion from the well of life
this universe within our hearts
will grant us all a brand new start